This is how we have conducted our Equestrian Facility
About Fiore Farms:  

While most equine facilities are mainly focused on what you can do with your horse, at Fiore Farms our primary focus is the safety , wellbeing and quality of life for all horses on site.  We invest a great deal of land, resources, time and labor in the maintenance of our beautiful facility and in enhancing our horses’ safety. We are a gated Equestrian Facility, far from main roads and all enclosed by fences  over the whole perimeter. If a horse gets loose, no panic here, he really cannot go anywhere....

Fiore Farms is designed purposefully, for the health of the horses and safety of everyone.  Our farm's design closely follows recommendations specifically designated for horse farms / equestrian facilities, as set forth by North Carolina State University and Guilford County Agricultural Department.

One great asset to our facility is our pasture management and dry lot system.  Our pastures are well maintained and horses always have plenty of green grass to graze on.  Each paddock has its own dry lot with large, spacious shelters.  The advantage to having dry lots is that the horses can be limited from overgrazing.  Overgrazing can cause a plethora of health issues when the horse’s food supply is greater than his work demands.  We do not offer nights turn outs, because it would defeat the very same purpose of our forage control system.

When in our dry lots and in our pasture rotation system, the horses are not stressed from being confined.  These d.lots are large so the horse has plenty of space to feel free.  When you take a horse out of his residence to work with him, in any shape or form, there is no need to lunge him first to unleash its jitters.

Typically, horses confined in a stall can’t wait to get out and be “free”. At Fiore Farms we do not have “unbalanced” horses.   Having been said this, however, we do recognize that needs exist for choosing to have a horse in a stall and our care of the stalled horse is unmatched. In the new complex - Fiore Farms Horse Court, we have great stalls, with a superior drainage system under the perforated rubber mats and they are equipped with with automatic Nelson waterers with winter heaters. FFHC also has individual stall ceiling fans for summer heat and roof insulation.

We have been praised for how spacious and airy our stalls are (so as to prevent respiratory problems).  

Our second barn, known as the Traditional Barn, has been completely restored.  This charming barn has large stalls with rubber mats, a common tack-room, a community washing machine. Both barns have a spacious wash-stall with H/C water.

Wherever there is a sink (bathrooms/ tack-room/ wash-stalls) there are always available soap and towel for your convenience.

The pastures at FF are kept with special care, reseeded with “Pasture Mix” seeds which guarantee a full balanced nutritional diet for our horses. We are mindful about the insidious danger of leaving the horses on rich pastures too long and we understand “body condition”. According to the horse’s age, body condition and type of activity required, we evaluate the amount of feed they need. We do not have a “one size fits all” concept. By limiting the number of horses we accept on the premises, we can offer individualized attention to each horse’s need. For our pasture rotation system and to control the forage intake, we do not have "nights turn outs".
FIORE FARMS is a smoke free Facility and handicap friendly . (Sorry, for safety reason, you cannot bring your own dog)

The lay out of the dry lot/pasture rotation system, like the one implemented at FF, requires a large expanse of land for the confinement of the horses.  A large expanse of land requires a large amount of man hours for the up-keep and we have a great staff to maintain a high standard of cleanliness. 
For our horses’ safety we never place more than four horses together in the same residence/pasture areas. With this, the risk of herd hierarchy injury is diminished.
We also have three corridors between pastures, sacrificing land space, but this gives us the chance to separate some group of horses that would not get along (see below).
All gates have rubber protection at bottom of the vertical pipe that swings open. (see below).
All trees are protected so our horses do not eat bark (see below).
Our harrow is into an enclosed area (see below).
Our trailer hitches are clearly marked with orange cones (see below).

Our house feed is from Southern States, in form of pellets. Southern States guarantees the quality and consistency of their products. We determine the quantity of feed for each horse according to its body condition, the season and the status of our pastures. Salt blocks are available to horses at anytime in the dry lots and, for the full boarded, in the stalls. If a horse has special needs, it will be up to the owner to provide the appropriate supplement under the suggestion of our great veterinarian team from the North Carolina Equine Hospital.
We have a few farriers to choose from or you can bring your own.  

Our fences are made out of four belts of top of the line 5” polyvinyl Centaur HTP belts (two of them are hot
powered from solar energy). They are considered to be the safest in the horse industry. We also use for
partitions 2” “horse guard” tapes. FF is totally enclosed by fences, is remote from the main road and is
developed into a quite, gentle rolling hills setting.

We use a biological fly control: “Fly Predators” to lower the fly pest impact on the facility. In fact, even during
the hot summers, the fly population is very limited. In order to keep our fly predators alive, you may use a
fly repellent but not a pesticide.

We are a gated, smoke free, "Equestrian Facility", officially designated, with a “Special Use Permit” by
Guilford County. NC. We have complied with all building codes and passed all inspections. We are
handicap friendly complying  with ADAAG (
Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines).
We have annual inspections: this is for the safety of all. Each boarder has his / her own code for gate entry.

We provide great amenities for our boarders and riders; a cozy, clean, climate controlled, boutique-like
locker room and lounge with a microwave oven, coffee machine, drink's vending machine and a small
refrigerator.  We also have very nice clean restrooms with H/C water. We have two hot water wash-stalls.
The use of our washing machine is available to the boarders for a token (please wash one blanket at
a time). Two picnic tables under the shade of large trees are available.

At FF, boarders are charged for what they really use. Ex: If a horse does not need blanketing in the winter, its owner will not pay
more for boarding fees in order to offset the blanketing needs of another horse.
We have three stages of boarding fees: Pasture Suites, Full Board in the new barn -FFHC- and Full Board in the Traditional Barn. Boarders may choose optional services “a’ la carte”.

Each paddock (dry lot) has its own sturdy run in shelter, which is just like a small barn without front doors. When needed, the horses use the shelters according their instinct. Almost all shed have a hay loft. This allows us to throw down the hay which will fall under the shed so that horses can eat under the shelter. 

A large (150'x250') lighted arena with great quality footing has a convenient viewing deck that can host 30 to 40 people. A 60’ lighted covered round pen is crucial for exercise, horse training sessions and lessons for beginners.

The Facility has its own beautiful maintained trails, in about 50 acres, under a canopy of trees, long enough to cool off the horses after work. These trails are second to none and even in the hottest summer days, you can find a heat break since the trails are 90% shaded. We stress the use of  helmets because extra precaution for safety is paramount to us.

We have many “pasture ornaments” that enjoy a peaceful living and we have amenities for “working horses” like a hunter jumper and dressage setting course. We also have some logs on an open field for whomever likes to jump in the pasture.
A cross Country course it easy to be set and mantained.

If you would like to invest in the wellbeing of your horse in a relaxing and clean atmosphere, Fiore Farms offers just that.